What’s the Best Resume Format 2015-2016?

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The Best Resume Format 2015-2016 Is Expected to Be Slightly Different Than in Previous Years

When prospective employees ask about the best resume format 2015-2016, they might expect some big changes to be coming to the world of resume writing. While these changes aren’t as dramatic as might be expected, there have been some as a result of the way people are submitting their resumes these days.

An increasingly large number of people are using email or other electronic means to submit them, and this has forced some changes in the field as a result.

That being said, there are those who still need printed or faxed resumes and the formats also reflect the fact that these necessities haven’t quite changed either.

Classic Resume Formatting

While they might not be the new resume formats 2015-2016, the chronological and functional format might still continue to be used for another year.

Chronological Resume Format 2015-2016

Chronological Resume Format 2015

Chronological Resume Format 2015

Chronological resume formats are generally preferred for those who have a solid work record. These list dates, positions, locations and experience. Chronological resumes focus on work history with recent positions first, making it easy for perspective employers to follow a career history.

Functional Resume Format 2015-2016

Functional Resume Format 2015

Functional Resume Format 2015

Functional resumes are best for those who are changing jobs, or who might have little paid experience. They generally don’t include employment history. Instead, a resume like this will focus on skills and experience. These are grouped into functional areas. A good summary of qualifications is always important. Make sure to have a good objective line when writing this style of resume.

Writing a Combination Resume

One of the biggest resume formats 2015-2016 may be the combination style. Those who want to highlight relevant skills while de-emphasizing employment history in their less relevant positions should give this format a try. These provide a chronological work history time line, but de-emphasize it.

Generally one would follow a basic block to write one of these. For example: 

  1. Start with an address block
  2. Write an objective line stating which position is being sought
  3. Provide a summary of qualifications
  4. List relevant experience in the same format as a functional resume might
  5. Finish with several lines of employment history filed under their own block

Targeted Resume Writing

resume format 2015

Targeted Resume Format 2015

Any of the best resume formats 2015-2016 can become a targeted resume, which makes it appropriate for any type of prospective employee. These are customized to a specific job, and they’re written specifically according to the employer’s own needs. The objective statement is important. It has to be written according to the position in question.

Professional experience is usually very important in this type of resume 2015-2016. Some people end up combining the idea of a time line with the experience section, but this is not the way to write a targeted resume. These have to be aimed at a specific job.

New Resume Format 2015-2016

Ensuring that a resume is typed in a reasonable font is important. Some experts have suggested that Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana or Tahoma are the most legible typefaces for this type of work. Generally a font size of 10 or 12 points is preferred, depending on the typeface selected. Bold, italics and capitalization may be used to highlight block titles and key areas. Don’t get carried away however.

Make sure that the text has been proofread, and ensure that there are no spelling mistakes. While doing these inspections, be sure to place a name and page number at the top of all pages. Print out the resume on white, light gray or ivory colored paper.

Roman Executive Resumes

More than anything else, the Roman Executive style might be the resume format 2015-2016. There was a study conducted last year that suggested 3 out of 4 employers preferred to present their resume in the Roman Executive style. If this ends up being considered the best resume format 2015, it might phase out the chronological, functional, combination and targeted formats in many industries.

While Roman Executive styles are becoming the new resume format 2015-2016, they’re currently largely used for targeted office and administrative positions. These really stand out because the applicant’s work history is shown in reverse relevant order. This means that only relevant work history is listed, and it starts with the most recent position held.

The steps to writing a Roman Executive resume include:

  1. Adding the sender’s address in the resume letterhead or placing it one line above the date
  2. Stating the date that the letter was finished, using the convention of placing the month before the day if writing to a company doing business in the USA
  3. Write a salutation that includes the personal title and family name of the individual reading the letter followed by a colon. If the gender of the person is not known, it may be appropriate to include their first and last names instead of a title. One could also use their professional title if possible.
  4. Write the body underneath the date, having used a line for space. Single space and left justify each of the individual paragraphs, and leave a blank line between each one as well. Remember that conciseness is always important, and also include a friendly opening as well as the main point when writing the first paragraph.
  5. Line up the closing with the vertical point used for the date, and place it one line after the last body paragraph
  6. Enclose any related documents.

Which Resume Format 2015-2016 Should Be Picked?

Out of all of the resume formats 2015-2016, Roman Executive really is the one that’s on the rise. It might be considered the best resume format 2015-2016 for those who are looking at some kind of office administration post. On the other hand, those who are looking for other positions might still want to opt for one of the classic formats instead.

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