What’s New in 2015-2016 Resume Trends?

If you’re wondering what the latest resume trends are, you’ll be interested to know that 2015-2016 resume is breaking the mould. They’re all about managing space and information. These resumes are super-efficient space managers, and that’s why they’re much better.

What’s different about 2015-2016 resume? Oh, everything…

The information you’ll get about how to write a resume in 2015-2016 is very different from the old way of writing resumes, and the contrast is quite obvious:

Old style formats

  • Much longer
  • No lists of skills in one easy to find place
  • Lack of a personal profile
  • More text, less actual information
  • Formal entries on all resumes regardless of information needs
  • Resumes were much harder and more complex to write

The new 2015-2016 resume formats

  • Much more information, better organized
  • Special sections for personal profile, skills and achievements
  • Very straightforward layouts
  • Much easier to edit and write

Should you upgrade to a new format? Yes, yes, and yes!

Most people tend to assume that their resume is OK. That’s the problem. If your resume isn’t getting results, it’s not OK. You obviously need something better.

The fact is that people are trained to write resumes, and they keep writing their resumes the same way, even when that type of resume and that style is basically obsolete. This means, of course, that a lot of people waste a lot of time writing resumes which have no chance of success, because those old resume styles can’t compete.

The fact is that the old resumes can’t deliver as much information as the new ones. Their layouts are out of date. They’re not competitive in the same way that $1 can’t compete with $10. The new resumes offer much higher values to employers. See more resume samples on our website.

Checking out the new resume trends in 2015-2016

The new resume formats are based on functional resumes. The new, flexible resumes have special entries like “achievements”. These resumes often use “magazine” layouts, a combination of text, graphics, and layout devices like standout text boxes.

These are the features you need to assess when looking for the right resume format for yourself:

  • Layout: What layout helps you create a fabulous resume that looks good and delivers all the information you need for a really competitive application?
  • Presentation: What sort of look and presentation is the best for your resume?
  • Formatting: Does a particular resume format give you a lot more scope for creating a really excellent resume?
  • Success rate: Which resume type would you say is more likely to be successful, and give you more confidence?

The new resume formats look good mainly because they are good. They’re highly efficient, easy to work with and edit, easy to upgrade, and better. Still, you don’t have to spend forever writing them.

2015 resumeWith our 2015-2016 resume examples you will bring your resume to the next level!


When checking out the new resumes for 2015-2016, take the time to analyze the working machinery of the different types of resume. Consider the very efficient functional resumes and the top quality combination resumes. See how the two styles are mixed to create a great resume. You’ll be very glad you did, and your new resume 2015-2016 will look great without any gaps on how to write a resume 2015-2016.