Visual Resume 2016 Trends – How to Use Visual Elements in the Resume to Your Advantage

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Gone are the days when people had to use the conventional way of writing their resume like a bio data, where they input their personal and educational information, alongside other important details into their resume anymore because there is now the visual resume as the resume 2016 trends.

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What Are Visual Resumes?

They don’t only offer vital information but also enticing visuals along with your CV. You can use them in keeping your reader’s attention and interest in reading. By the use of images or pictures, you can grab the attention of your potential employers and let them know how creative you are in taking the job.

How to Use Visual Resumes

  • Call-out boxes

You can make use of call-out boxes as well as breakaway text in your paper. Just like what you can see in magazines and books, you can make use of images or illustrations, in which you can include captions. Aside from these, you can use type style, which look different from the rest of the paper.

64 percent of Millennials would rather make $40K a year at a job they love than $100K a year at a job they think is boring. And nearly 80 percent of Millennials look at people and culture fit with prospective employers, followed by career potential. (According to inc.com)

Why should you use a visual CV? One of its main purposes is to make your resume 2016 a stand out! All eyes will be drawn immediately in the resume, and therefore, you can use it to your advantage.

  • Value proposition

Communicate your value in the document, something that will make you irresistible for an interview. Why should the employer interview you and what makes you unique to their needs?

  • Job boards?

Remember, job boards should only be 20 percent of your effort in finding a job and other efforts will include networking, informational interview and direct mail campaigns, among others.

  • Networking in your resume

Use your document in representing a quick snapshot of your awards and accomplishments, including your value proposition to pass to your network. Make it something visual and short.

  • Video

The use of videos in resumes in also one of the latest resume trends of this year and is said to become one of the trends that will stay for years to come. Because people are visual in nature, they enjoy and become more attractive to eye pleasing presentations with full effects, and that is something to show off in your video resume.

  • BEST: Visual engagement

This is one of the top trends in resumes for this year and it is because a simple picture can write a thousand words. Then, a good sales graph can mean a thousand of dollars in your CV.

What Are Visual Resumes Examples?

  • Graphic designs
  • Graphs
  • Call-out boxes
  • Charts
  • Shading
  • Border
  • Breakaway texts
  • And more

If you wan to increase your chances of getting hired, learn moe about mobile recruiting trends.

Use Resume 2016 Trends to Your Advantage

visual resumeConsidering the use of a visual document can be to your advantage because it will help you stand out, while showing what you have to the potential employer. Using such type of resume can help you keep the attention of your reader and potentially make them more interested of you and talking with you through an interview.

Create your amazing resume for 2016 now!

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