Top Tricks of Executive Resume Format 2015-2016

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Executive resume formats as well as freshers resume format 2015-2016 are quite demanding. If you’re a highly experienced executive, you have another issue, too – managing your information to meet the requirements of different jobs. We have a few executive new resume format 2015-2016 tips which will help you create your new executive resume for 2015-2016.

A good-looking resume is always a winner

One of the most basic elements of resume writing is that presentation does matter, lot. The best executive resume format is a very professional-looking, easy to read a CV with a lot of useful and interesting information. This information will cover all aspects of the positions for which you apply. Obviously, you will need to manage your resume content to match specific job requirements. One of the reasons for finding a good resume format is that good formatting makes editing your resume a lot simpler.

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Executive resume format 2015-2016 rules

If you’ve checked out latest executive resume format 2015-2016 online, you’ll have noticed that a lot of these resumes are basically reshuffled versions of the same things. You will also notice that resume format examples aren’t necessarily great guides to your content needs.

The simple fact is that the best executive CV format is the one that makes your information stand out and gives you the opportunity to make a good presentation. As an executive, you know yourself that when hiring, the content value is always going to be the major issue. What you need is a format which will add value and give you more options to contribute high-value content.

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Presentation basics

With executive resumes, the presentation is much more than window dressing. Your presentation needs to be highly professional, look good, and deliver standout information. This is where your resume format starts to pay for itself, and it is well worth taking the time to decide which is the best resume format for your needs.

Readability is King

Executive resumes must be easy to read. The information contained in executive resumes can be extremely complex, requiring a high level of understanding. This means that you should avoid any sort of layout which will turn your high-value information into hard to find information.

Best practice is a web-style layout, preferably using bullet points and other delineators like text boxes, inserts et cetera, to keep your information clearly defined and make your high values stand out.

Resume screening issues

There is another type of readability you need to think about, too. Resumes are screened by the computer, as well as manual screening. This can require a bit of work on an executive resume. You need to use appropriate keywords. Depending on the job, and depending on the type of work, you may need to do some panel beating on your standard text.

Take the time to identify critical keywords. You may need to do a significant rewrite in some areas of your resume, but as a rule, you’re really only going to have to change a few areas of your standard text.

Show your strengths at all points in your resume

However obvious this may seem, you may be surprised to learn that many people simply don’t do themselves justice when writing a resume. The usual result is a very nice, competent, and totally uncompetitive, executive resume.

There is no way a resume can stand out in this extremely challenging executive job market without some major attention-getters and grabbers. You really do need to do some good marketing when writing your resume. You really must pay attention to information quality, too.

For example:

  • Remove outdated or obsolete information
  • Forget old news about jobs or other information more than five years old, unless absolutely relevant to the current job application
  • Update your resume regularly, and make sure that your basic resume as all the information required to give strong examples of your work and achievements
  • Build in references to your skills, qualifications, and experience throughout your resume, preferably focusing on quantifiable achievements

If it sounds like you might need to do quite a lot of work on your resume, you will and the first step is to have a look on executive resume samples 2015-2016. This is quality control, and it can be the difference between a successful job application or total failure. The simple fact is that people go looking for specific information on resumes, and the best resumes invariably win. The more attention you pay to information quality on your resume, the better.

Keep your information straightforward and easy to understand

Your reader shouldn’t be required to guess about any of the information you provide. If you’re describing achievements, spell out exactly what you achieved.

Use simple sentences and make sure your reader can follow the storyline. If you increased sales by 70%, just say that, in so many words. Don’t add unnecessary extra information.

Important: Keep each achievement in its own paragraph or subsection. This makes your information easy to find, and of course, makes it stand out much more.

Information = value

Your executive resume is a business document. For the employer, your resume is basically a set of business values. Your resume information, therefore, must clearly show profitable business values for the employer and you cannot just cheat from executive resume examples 2015-2016.

Well, does it? Can you honestly say that your resume information adds up to a good set of numbers for your prospective new employer?

What are your unique personal and business characteristics?

In sales, a unique selling point is a winner, particularly if the competition can’t match that selling point.

OK- What are your major advantages? What can you deliver that other applicants can’t?

Critically important – Research the employer! This research will tell you exactly what the employer wants and needs. Most importantly, it will also show you how you fit into the business.

All you need to do is match your strengths with the employer’s business needs. This is a very useful basic formula for writing your resume, too, focusing on definite values, where you can demonstrate your superior skills.

Draft your resume now, and match your draft against the information you choose above. When you’re happy that you have addressed all information requirements, that your content quality is good, and you feel confident with your resume, it’s ready to submit.

Check executive resume format 2015-2016 and you can be satisfied with your result!

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