Top Ten Resume and Job Search Trends You Should Be Aware In 2015-2016

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career trends 2015Top Ten Resume and Job Search Career Trends 2015-2016 Job Seekers Should Be Aware of

job search 2015The job search 2015-2016 job hunters conduct will be different in many ways from the way people have looked for employment in previous years. The career trends 2015-2016 job candidates should be aware of involve both job search methods as well as trends in resumes. Here are ten trends and changes in job search and resumes job hunters should know about:

career trends 2015-2016 job search 2015-2016 job trends 2015-2016

18,400,000 applicants found their job on Facebook. 10,200,000 applicants found their job on LinkedIn. (According to business2community.com)

  • Use of call-out boxes and breakaway text in resumes – The use of call-out boxes and breakaway text in resumes is increasing. They serve as a way to bring attention to the most important information in your resume. Whereas using such devices in resumes was previously frowned on, it is now increasing in popularity.
  • Less emphasis on ATS and keywords – The use of automatic tracking systems and keywords will have less influence than in the past. While they will still play a role, less emphasis will be placed on them.
  • Networking resume – Networking resumes are essentially brief career overviews that focus on major career highlights and achievements, in a format that is easily shared on various social media platforms.
  • Increase in visuals in resumesInfographic resumes and video resumes are both seeing an increase in use, especially in creative fields. They are effective tools for generating interest as well as being visually appealing.

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  • Targeting audiences/value proposition – More applicants are targeting specific positions in a specific company with their resume. Another trend is the value proposition, which is a statement that provides specific reasons a company should hire you. The two go well together as a value proposition may be aimed at a need a specific company has. One does not require the other but they are effective when used together.
  • Social networking/referrals dominating – Job referrals gained through networking on social media are a preferred method of finding new employees by both recruiters and employers. Many positions are filled without ever being advertised and on average referrals are placed quicker and stay at companies longer than other applicants.
  • Job boards used less – Job seekers are using job boards less, in large part due to the success of networking for referrals
  • Mobile recruitment increasing – The use of mobile devices in job searches is increasing. In many industries there is a shortage of well-qualified applicants, resulting in employers and recruiters having to adapt to qualified applicants preferred methods.
  • Increase in part-time workers/outsourcing – Two job trends 2015-2016 job seekers are faced with are the increasing use of part-time help as well as the outsourcing of a lot of work to freelancers. In many cases, the best option is to take the part-time work while continuing the job search unless you are independently wealthy.
  • Passive recruitment – The recruitment of those who have jobs and aren’t actively seeking new employment is known as passive recruitment. Through networking and social media, many people find themselves being offered new opportunities without even looking or asking someone to check my resume.

job trends 2015These are ten of the top career trends 2015-2016 job hunters should be aware of, and if they don’t want to let their competitors get all of the best-qualified candidates, employers need to be aware of these trends as well.

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