Top 10 Tips for Cover Letter 2015-2016

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Not many people know how to write a good cover letter 2015-2016 or apply new resume format 2015-2016. Now, the rules for cover letters are changing. If you’ve been trained how to write a cover letter, you’ll find that a few things have changed. If you’re new to the job market, the good news is that the new cover letter formats 2015 and  styles are very easy to use and understand.

cover letter 2015writing a cover letter 2015-2016

What people don’t know about cover letter format 2015-2016

A lot of experts in the employment industry say that a cover letter is the most important part of a successful job application. The idea here is that most of the applicants will have similar qualifications and experience, but only the candidates who can really distinguish themselves will get interviews. The theory is that good cover letter format 2015-2016 are the likeliest way to get a job interview.

As a matter of fact, this theory does stand up to scrutiny. Most people don’t do a good job with their cover letters, focusing more on their resumes. There’s also no doubt about another thing – Cover letters are definitely a particularly effective way of adding a lot of the information value to a job application. Cover letters are the major difference between the applicants.

In a job market where people really do make hundreds of job applications, it makes sense to do the best application you possibly can. The usual problem, however, is that people write their applications in a sort of habituated haze, repeating the same mistakes.

Application quality is often a result of never really checking to see what you’re doing wrong. Cover letters are often ignored as a possible reason for an unsuccessful application. Really, you need to cover all the angles, and if your applications aren’t getting you interviews, you need to check all the issues.


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Writing a cover letter 2015-2016 – basic style

Writing a cover letter 2015-2016 is now pretty much a marketing exercise. The major emphasis now is on the value of the information contained in the cover letter.

The 5 basic principles for cover letters are reasonably straightforward –

  1. Don’t rehash your resume. This is a mistake everybody makes, and it is quite useless. There’s no point in reiterating the information on your resume. It’s a waste of space, and it’s a waste of an opportunity.
  2. Cover letters are used to address issues not contained in your resume. You can use your cover letter to describe your achievements, special skills, unique strengths, and professional abilities.
  3. Make sure that your cover letter is structured. Plan your cover letter in sections, with a separate paragraph for each subject you wish to address.
  4. Consider your cover letter to be a business letter. Write your cover letter exactly the same way as you would write a business letter. Use the same basic format, including bullet points, if necessary, to make your letter easier to read.
  5. Your cover letter must show values to the employer. Also like a business letter, you need to get down to actual deliverables and values you can show the employer.

5 Cover letter 2015-2016 issues you need to consider

When writing a cover letter:

  1. Emphasize your strongest skills. This is the easiest and simplest way to make your application stand out and compete for the job.
  2. Verifiable information is absolutely essential. If you refer to sales figures, for example, quantify your sales figures with performance indicators and preferably dollar values. Quantifying your achievements adds substance and obvious business values to your job application.
  3. Don’t use a lot of words to say simple things. Don’t use jargon, and try very hard to avoid clichés of any kind. Your cover letter doesn’t have to be long, but you must avoid wasting your reader’s time, and your own, with unnecessary content.
  4. When providing information about your business skills, it is very important to provide a clear picture of the value of those skills. Like quantifying your performance indicators, explaining your skills and showing the relevance of your skills to the job for which you are applying is very important.
  5. Each example you provide to an employer must be competitive. Consider the real value of your best achievements in the context of the position you’re applying for. Which achievements would you select as being great indicators of your suitability for the position?

Good-looking applications get jobs – check out cover letter examples 2015-2016

Good-looking people may or may not get jobs, but good-looking applications definitely do get jobs. Successful job applications always present well, read well, and provide a much higher value range of information. It really is that simple.

One way of making sure that you write a good cover letter is to be your own most severe critic and check the latest cover letter examples 2015-2016. That’s actually quite a lot easier than it might sound.

All you need to do is ask yourself a few very basic questions about your cover letter:

  1. Is this cover letter telling me what I need to know?
  2. How useful is this information to help me make up my mind whether or not I should give this person interview?
  3. Am I convinced that this person is a good job candidate?
  4. How does this applicant compare to other applicants?

The last question is critically important, and it’s not quite as impossible to answer as it might look.

Consider the information in your cover letter regarding your performance indicators and quantify the achievements:

  • Do you think that your achievements are competitive with others?
  • Do your achievements look good?
  • Do you think that your achievements will compare well with other applicants?

See, you really can answer that question. That’s how you decide whether or not information is good enough to be put in your cover letter, too.

The “comparative factor” is actually pretty easy to assess, when you know how. If you have a great record in customer service, with figures to match, you can see why you need to put that information into your cover letter.

And that is what the new cover letters in 2015-2016 are all about – Competition and lots of it. Your cover letter is your marketing platform. Make the best possible use of it, show your strongest competitive information and you will succeed. Do not hesitate to go further and take a look at the best cover letter examples 2015-2016 created by our experts!

See cover letter 2015-2016 and you can have a lot of useful information, which can be helpful for you!

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