The Professional Resume Layout for 2015-2016

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How do you come up with a professional resume layout? Writing a CV is not as easy as one, two and three because it is a make or break for your application. Therefore, you have to master a professional resume example or some winning tips on how to write a professional resume that can increase your chances of bagging your dream position in a company. To learn how to construct a great resume writing format for your 2015-2016 job application, here are the pointers to consider:

2015-2016 Typical Resume Layout

To achieve the success from your general CV layout, ensure that you create a custom one that would target the position you are applying for by researching about the company and by reading and understanding the job posting thoroughly. In addition to these things, here are some ways on how to format your CV in the manner that it would get it readers’ attention.

  1. Personal information

You should update and ensure that you include the correct personal details, such as your name, street, city and zip code, email ad and mobile phone number.

  1. Objective statement

One of the most essential elements of your application is your objective, an important statement to let the employer know about your personal and career goals that will help them identify if yours are in line with their organization goals.

  1. Experience

Aside from your personal information and objective in the general CV layout, you need your list of experiences that should be in harmony or relative to the job you are applying for, so don’t include those that don’t match or are not in line with the role you are trying to win in the new job application for 2015-2016.

  1. Specialty or skills

Again, you don’t need to include everything to your typical CV layout but pick up the ones most related to the role you are trying to get into. You should list them down together with keywords to highlight your knowledge in the industry.

  1. Education

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List down the schools you have attended as well as the dates you were studying and the year of graduation from each level.

There you have some tips you may want to consider if you want to apply for a new job in the coming year 2015-2016. Consider and follow them if you want to take your job application to the next level of being invited to an interview.

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