Successful Resume in 2016 – Learn from the Best Video CV Samples

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You probably recognize the importance of an eye-catching CV that can help sell your application to a potential employer, and one of the things you can do to achieve such purpose is using video CVs.

89% of employers revealed that they would watch a video resume if it were submitted to them, but only 17% of employers have viewed a video resume (According to humanresources.about.com)

What Are Video Resumes?

For many, nothing can replace the value of written documents, and yes, they are powerful tools when applying today. But because everyone is using the same format, it may not be easy to convey your message to a potential employer if all that he can see are all the same format. Use a video CV that proves you are a little bit more different from the rest is. Here are a couple of tips you can use in your video resume 2016.

Video Resume Samples Tips

  • Create a short but concise video CV that will introduce yourself and give the employer a glimpse of your personality, visually. A video can speak so much about you, including your cultural fit, appearance and personality.
  • Include a link in your resume (e.g. LinkedIn profile) so that the employer can learn more about you by reading your profile and having an idea about your person as well as the reasons you are a good asset for their organization.
  • If you could see good video document examples, you can notice they are appropriate for a specific job. For instance, applying for a creative and social profession may need a video resume that communicates your desired effect. On the other hand, avoid sending a video resume to a traditional company that might not accept it, reducing your chances to getting an interview invitation.
  • Avoid just reading out your resume when making your application video, a common mistake committed by some applicants when trying to do a video for submission to their target companies.

video resumesDoing this might not help you achieve your desired effect of landing an interview because this is just too boring that employers would just watch something they already read in your CV, for instance. Instead, you should see to it that your video CV is telling the employer exactly of what you have achieved and what you are looking to achieve or are capable to bring to the table in the near future. Make sure though that you are highlighting something relevant to what you have written in your CV, but focus on your skill set and knowledge as well as experiences and trainings. Do not also be afraid talking about your passion.

  • Make your video interesting and professional at the same time. Remember, as you can see in video resume examples, you have to put your best put forward to this application and to do that you should give your value proposition, making you irresistible and suitable for this particular job.

To help the HR managers find you, learn more about tips on a resume keyword usage.

Create the Best Video CVs Today!

There you have some tips we’ve shared, in which you may want to follow in making your application stand out and updated with the CV trends 2016. Make sure to keep your video short, relevant and interesting.

So if you want the best video CV just contact our experts here today.

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