Successful Resume 2016 – How to Detect Resume Keyword Stuffing

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What is a resume keyword? In the sense of the phrase, it is the use of specific words to make your resume 2016 detectable or findable, usually on search engines. It may also refer to words that display your knowledge of the industry you are looking to get into when applying for a job, some key phrases that let employers know about your knowledge and skills in the business. Here’s how resume keyword works.

Use of Resume Keyword

You all know that landing an interview and eventually a job in an organization is not that easy to do, especially if your CV isn’t written with the right word indicators of your value for the position as an applicant.

resume keywords listAnd today, HR managers and recruitment staff don’t have all the time in the world to review your CV, and so many of them use a system called applicant tracking systems (ATS), helping them track applicants by scanning CVs with the right keywords (relevance) and then sending these to humans who will read these resumes.

Using such keywords in your resume format 2016, the HR managers and recruiters save their time and effort in scanning your document manually, as the machine they use already pre-filter resumes relevant to the type of applicants they are on the lookout for when filling up certain positions in their organizations.

So in order to ensure that you get past these robots and land into the right hands for interview invitations, check out the following useful tips to avoid keyword stuffing but using the right approach in selling your document to the right people.

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Optimize an Application with Resume Keyword and Good Structure

keyword stuffingSearch for and use the right words to include in your resume keywords list. By saying, you should use key phrases do not mean you have to stuff your resume and flood it with irrelevant keywords, which are not at all related to the job application. What you have to do is to research and dig through keyword tools and locate the best keywords relating to your industry. You may also add some strong verbs to describe your expertise well. These can be verbs to tell about your main duties and responsibilities or key competencies and roles in your previous organization. Avoid keyword stuffing at all cost.

  • Use a simple format. Hey, this is not the time to be fancy or creative, except when trying to land a creative job like a graphic designer or a logo maker. In general, you should conform to the rule of simplicity if you want to catch the eyes of their robots that filter applicants.
  • resume keywordRemember, these robots do not recognize creativity, but only the standards. You should stick to it.
  • Skip the career objective portion, according to experts, because such is a waste of space. So aside from stuffing with irrelevant resume keyword, ditch the objective part for searchability of your resume.

Okay so if you want to do well in your application coming a year and the next, make sure to follow these tips to keep your resume updated with the trends of the time.

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