Social Media Profile Search by HR Grows in 2015-2016 – How to Get or Lose That Job

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HR increases use of social media profile search

For the past several years increasing numbers of employers have sought employees online. Job boards were perhaps the most common online method used in the past. The trend for hiring in 2015-2016 is seeing the use of social network profile search increasing more than ever. For a period job boards were the method by which job providers and job seekers most often connected. The use of job boards hasn’t ended, but the preferred method in 2015-2016 is to use social media to find employees and employment. Your best chance to find a job this year is by taking advantage of employers using social media profile search to select employees. Certainly, if you haven’t taken your job hunt online, your odds of finding decent employment are lowered dramatically.

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How to take advantage of social media profile search when seeking employment

Currently, the three biggest social media sites used by job seekers are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Facebook is used by a higher percentage of those looking for work, while LinkedIn is the platform preferred by employers. While these are the three biggest, other sites such as Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat are also getting involved. The following tips will help you develop a social media profile that enhances your job search:

  • Use your real name – Having a cool nickname that you use for your profile is all well and good. However when it comes to a job search, as much as possible you should use your real name. If you have a very common name, use a consistent nickname and have your real name somewhere on your account.
  • Keep your profiles clean – This isn’t just about removing those wild party picks where you passed out in the bathtub. Articles that may be offensive to some, long rants on topics and politically divisive material should be removed also.
  • Limit the platforms you are on – Due to the LinkedIn influence with employers, every job seeker should have an account there. An account with either Facebook or Twitter should also be maintained. After those, choose accounts selectively, and focus on those most often used by the industry you are in.
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Resume changes for 2015-2016

Just as job search methods are changing, so are the resumes that job seekers use. With the majority of job hunting being done online, the resume 2015-206 must be altered to suit. The following are some resume trends in 2015-2016:

  • Call-out boxes/breakaway text – This is a section of the resume that highlights the most important piece of information in your resume that you want to be sure gets read.
  • Networking resumes – Rather than a resume that encompasses your entire career, these are the best resumes 2015-2016 that are more similar to a brief bio that highlights major achievements and your value proposition. For networking this type of resume is ideal, but you should keep a full resume on hand.
  • Visual elements – Graphs, charts, borders, call-out boxes and even video, which highlight the most persuasive of your accomplishments are seeing more use in 2015-2016.

These are just some of the resume trends in 2015-2016. To make your job search successful your methods and resume need to keep up with the times.

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