Rise of Part Time Employment in 2015-2016 – How to Stay Competitive

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part time employmentPart Time Employment Is Increasing

The number of people working odd jobs has been increasing and it is likely it will continue to do. Basically, this is a result of the need for companies to remain competitive, combined with technology that makes certain odd-job more feasible. The major reasons for a company to use part-time workers include:

  • Full-time workers are more expensive – There are a number of expenses associated with full-time workers that can increase aside from additional salary. Insurance, Social Security, Workman’s Compensation and various other expenses increase with the addition of full-time employees to the work place
  • Specialized jobs – There is some work that a company may not need somebody full time to perform. In cases like this, it makes better sense to hire somebody part-time or to use a freelancer on a contract basis.
  • Seasonal work – In some areas like retail, workload increases on a seasonal basis such as at Christmas time. Part-time employment during a busy season is a practical option that retailers have used for years.

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Pros and Cons of Part Time Employment for Employers

The use of part-time workers has both advantages and disadvantages for employers. Advantages include:

  • Lower expenses – Part time workers, in general, cost companies less. To stay competitive many companies are cutting expenses wherever they can including by using part-time help.
  • Increased flexibility – Using part-time workers, temporary help and freelancers enable a company to be more flexible and change as necessary.
  • Trial basis – Companies can hire part time help to determine their suitability for the position, and offer a full-time position once the worker has proven themselves, rather than immediately hiring a full-time worker who is not suitable. If you want to get the full-time position, then our resume writing tips 2015-2016 might come in handy.

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Disadvantages of Part Time Help for Employers Include:

  • Unqualified workers – There is a bigger chance of getting somebody who isn’t qualified for the job when half-time help is used.
  • Higher turn-over – Workers are more inclined to leave a position that is only half time, should they find something better.

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Benefits of Part Time Employment to Workers

Obviously, the biggest drawback for workers with part-time employment is that it isn’t full time and thus lacks the benefits that come with full-time work. However, there are advantages to workers with part-time employment including:

  • Finding a part-time job is easier – Most people don’t have the means to be out of work for months looking for a full-time position. A odd-job is usually easier to find and can get them earning sooner.
  • Flexibility – Part-time work is often available that makes telecommuting possible which can be extremely beneficial for example if you have children or don’t have transportation. It also sometimes allows you to be more selective in the work you take.
  • Opens doors – Accepting a half-time position now, can open up an opportunity for full-time employment down the road.

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Regardless of your stance on part-time employment, all indications are it will continue to increase.

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