Rise of Importance of Referrals to Land a Job in 2015-2016 – Social Networking in Business

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social networking in businessUsing Social Networking in Business

There are a number of ways social networking in business can benefit you. It is a great way to get noticed and build a business among other things. One of the biggest assets of business social networking is the ability to get job referrals. Many available positions with companies never get posted or advertised anywhere. These openings are filled through referrals gained through networking on social media sites. Referrals have always been a method used by job recruiters to get some of their best candidates. Candidates gained through referrals tend to get placed faster and stay in jobs longer than candidates gained through other means. Now, with the huge presence of social media online, networking for referrals benefits job seekers, recruiters and employers and is used on a much wider basis than it ever has been in the past.

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social networking in business

Social Networking in Business Can Boost Your Career

Today social networking is becoming an essential part of a professional’s career strategy. Sites such as LinkedIn are built completely around this concept. Other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are also very much in use for social networking for business and job referrals. Facebook is actually used by more job hunters than LinkedIn although LinkedIn is preferred by more employers. No matter which platform you prefer, the professional network you build on these social media sites can have a big influence on your career. To gain the most benefit from the network you build, keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t wait until you need a job to start networking – Social networking for business reasons like job searches should begin immediately, whether or not you need a job. LinkedIn is a good place to start if you feel funny about social media recruiting on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Build a solid consistent profile online – Take advantage of the options sites like LinkedIn provide. Don’t make the mistake of building a good business profile on one platform, and using another to get wild on. Many companies screen referrals and applicants by viewing several social media sites. Be consistent across all platforms
  • Make use of your network – Use the network you have developed to your advantage. If you are looking for a job get the word out through your network. Some people feel shy doing this, but job referrals are one of the main reasons you built a network. And even if you don’t need a job you never know what opportunities may open if you are the perfect fit for a position somebody needs to fill.
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Employers Value Social Networking in Business Recruiting

social networking for businessEmployers are aware of the value of social networking in mobile recruiting new employees and getting referrals. Methods the use include:

  • Establishing their own social media presence – Companies develop their own presence online where they can communicate with industry professionals
  • Leveraging employees’ networks – Many companies encourage their employees to post job openings on their networks, or to refer individuals in their network they feel are a good fit for a position. They may even provide a financial incentive for those that provide a referral that fills a position.

Networking on social media to gain referrals is now a standard procedure for many professionals.

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