Resume Format for Experienced IT Professionals in 2015-2016

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Lots of students, as well as alumni, are interested how they can able to make a professional resume especially when they need to apply for a job. It is okay to apply for different positions but you need to tailor it to a specific position. Check this resume writing format for experienced IT professionals or you can even find some simple resume samples if you need to.

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Resume Format for IT Tips 2015-2016

    • Design & Appearance: Use an easy to read fonts like Times New Roman or Arial. You should bold and use bigger fonts for your name at the top of the page of your paper. Use caps or italic for essential headings and titles in your CV format for experienced IT professional.

    • Heading: Each CV should begin with personal contact details. Your heading should include your name, phone number, email and mailing address. Employer calls anytime that is why you should put your mobile number.

    • Objective: It will help you to develop a targeted and focused CV. It helps you to determine what you will include in your CV. Your objective must need to be specific and clear which include relevant skills you are offering to the employer.

    • Education: Your education goes near at top of your paper before you list about your work experiences but if you are professional working for lots of years in earning a degree, better to write it after your work experience section.

    • Experience: CV format for IT, you need to have an experience section because it is extremely essential for employers. You can include full-time jobs, part-time jobs, internships or any work you had in the past. For every position, you will write, make sure to include name and location.


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  • Leadership/ Community involvement: After listing your experiences, you need to describe some additional activities. In this section, you need to list the most recent you have. You need to summarize about your role in community projects or campus organizations.

  • Skills: You need to list down specific skills. To simplify the process you may check IT professional resume template that is available online absolutely for free.

  • References: This section must be written on a separate page because there are employers who don’t care about references only when it is available upon request.

This is only one resume format for experienced IT professionals template you can have for yourself. Follow it correctly and you have the assurance to be noticed and get the attention of the employer but make sure you also provide great information.

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