Potential Employees – How to Use Online Applicant Tracking System to Your Advantage

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If you are a job seeker, you need to adapt to the new reality on how candidates are being screened online. Keep in mind that evaluating resume and the process of reviewing resume is evolving fast. Check this out!

ATS Evolved

ATS grew substantially and companies advertising have open positions of applications. Applicant tracking systems help employers by giving them an easy task to look for applicants they want for their companies.

Highly Qualified Candidates are Rejected by Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

There are numerous applicant tracking systems list that you can check out online. There are numerous qualified candidates being rejected by the applicant tracking system because of failure of creating the resume for screening software in the resume. The good thing with the ATS is that is save the time of busy HR executives, employers or recruiters. For individuals looking for jobs, it is essential that you know how to use the technology in this era. It is significant that you learn how you use all of that software.

application tracking system list

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Online Applicant Tracking System: How Resume Screening Work

It is essential and helpful on your part when you know how to use the resume screening software. The system is simple despite its complexities being involved. The resume screening robots work by removing all the formatting and it scans for recognized key phrases and keywords. The next thing is that it will sort the content into certain categories by education, skills, contact details and work experience.

In addition, the tool simply scores resume in determining which applicants are qualified.

Tips on Getting Resume Seen by Human Eyes

Even though there are concepts of past applicant tracking software which appear to be simple, it is still a challenge for individuals who do not master the art of crafting resumes. Here are things that you need to know.

  • Nix headers in resume: There is a review based on Time recording that headers, as well as footers, should jam algorithms.
  • Custom resume: You need to custom your resume 2016 for each job you are applying. For instance, if the accountant job description is calling for an applicant with experience, then you need to ensure that your resume should contain keywords relating to it.
  • Keywords: Bear in mind that there is no lingo in each profession. Whether skills, software, licenses, responsibilities, procedures or certifications, there are certain words that you should include in the resume. It is essential that you should use acronyms as well as to spell out titles, certifications and professional organization. Also, you can repeat keywords that are related to your skills 2 or 3 times depending on the length of a resume.
  • Use bullets instead of paragraphs: It is better when you use bullets instead of paragraphs in describing your work. Bullets lists are easier to read and it is also easy for people to navigate compared to long paragraphs that describe responsibilities and work history
  • Avoid creative descriptions and wording: Screening robot is the same with Joe Friday which means they want facts. There are employers who only want specific facts which mean you need to avoid creative descriptions and wording that are not essential or interesting.
  • Submit your resume to various places: this will increase your chances of getting hired. If you don’t know where to submit resume, follow our tips then.

If you want potential employers to reach you, be sure that you know how to use applicant tracking system. You need to know how to use the technology in today’s era so that you can able to get ahead of other people.

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