Outdated Resume Format 2015-2016 Will Ruin Your Job Search In 2015-2016

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resume format 2015The Resume Format 2015-2016 Job Seekers Should Be Using Has Changed

For anybody who has been involved in a job search recently, it will be obvious that there have been changes in the methods that are used and how to approach your search. The longer the length of time between now and the last time you were job hunting, the greater the changes that you will observe. If you were lucky enough to remain at the same company for the last decade or so, you may still think of a job search as pounding the pavement and passing out CVs. Nobody pounds the pavement anymore and the majority of job searches are done online. Also, the chances are, that document you were going to pass around is probably in a format that is obsolete. The CV format 2015-2016 job seekers should be using will even differ from a year or two ago.

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Changes in Resume Format 2015-2016 Job Applicants Should Be Aware of

For several years the best resume format was one aimed at applicant tracking systems (ATS). For a job search to be effective, your resume had to be formatted to successfully navigate the applicant tracking system used by the company you applied to. However, 2015-2016 has brought us to the realization that applicant tracking systems are not the answer for employers or for applicants. This has brought about some changes in resume formats. Some of those changes include:

resume format 2015Less emphasis on keywords – For a time the applicants who had the most keywords in resume were the ones who got the interviews, rather than the best-qualified applicants. A resume stuffed with keywords now is as likely to get penalized as it is to get you an interview.

resume format 2015Colors and fonts – When catering to applicant tracking systems, a plain, uniform CV was desirable to make it easier for the system to read key words. With less emphasis placed on key words, the focus is on resumes written for human eyes. The use of colors and different font sizes used to attract eyes to important information is now trending, although care should still be taken not to overuse these devices. A little color attracts the eye, color everywhere and everything blends together defeating the purpose.

resume format 2015Graphics – Call boxes are becoming popular as a method to draw attention to the most important information in your resume 2015-2016 or use resume review service. You would find it fascinating that previously graphics of any kind were an absolute no-no for an application.

The average time spent by recruiters looking at a resume: 5 to 7 seconds. (According to fundamentum.com)

Using Resume Format Changes to Your Advantage

There are other CV trends that take advantage of changes in the way documents are formatted. This include:

  • Targeting specific audiences – Job applicants are now writing documents aimed at one specific company and its need. CV format is used to draw attention to your qualities that fill that need.
  • Value proposition – This is a statement that shows how you are different and a better selection than other candidates. Changes in document format make your value proposition one of the first things the reader sees.

Job seekers need to keep up with resume trends in order to be competitive with other job hunters.

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