Nice Executive Resume Sample 2015-2016

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Whenever you have second thoughts in making an executive CV or resume format for experienced IT professionals because you can’t think of information you will include, you can check out executive CV sample 2015-2016 so that you will gain ideas on what to include and what to avoid.You can also find some simple resume samples on our website if you need to.

Executive Resume Sample 2015  executive resume example

Executive Resume Example 2015-2016

  • Full name

  • City, State

  • Telephone number, cell phone number and email address

  • Career objective

  • Special achievements

  • Professional experience

In writing a document, you do not need to include all details because what you should only write is the relevant ones. Your aim should able to create a well-designed resume that tells a clear and explicit story to the employer and the right way to complete the assignment is to check executive resume example. It must need to be compelling and one of a kind.


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  • Avoid adjectives: In your CV, you need to avoid adjectives.

  • Format: A CV must need to be formatted completely. Your CV must need to look good and easy to read. Having a good format will help the reader to easily read and understand your paper.

  • Personal information: Be sure that you provide personal details. In listing the information, you need to put it on the top of the paper. In writing the address, phone number, and email address, but it must be smaller than your name.

  • Summary: In you want to write a summary, you need to have enough space for it. With this, you need to include what focused you want to emphasize in your paper, type of organization you worked for, how long is your work experience, how did you perform and much more.

  • Experience must be in the context: Never forget to include your professional experience in your CV. You need to list the name of the company you have worked for, the brief summary of what they do and some essential details like duties and responsibilities.

Whenever you need to make an effective, striking and appealing CV but you don’t know what you should do, do not have hesitations to check out senior executive CV sample 2015-2016. It will be your help to know what details to be included and what are not. Get started now while you have enough time in thinking and writing.

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