Most Simple Resume Samples for 2015-2016

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simple resume samples 2015

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Writing a resume as well as writing a resume template is not easy and it sucks when you don’t know what you are doing but the process will be fun as long as you know the factors and information you need to write. If you don’t know how to start, where you should begin and what details you need to include, you can check out simple CV samples online.

Easy Resume Examples 2015-2016

  • First name, middle initial, last name

  • Street address

  • City, state, zip

  • Area code, contact number

  • Employment objective: Exactly state the position in which you are interested

  • Summary of qualifications: A brief summary of what qualifications you have gained in the past

  • Work History: You need to write about the company name, city, and date of employment. DO not also forget that you should write about the job title and describe the duties, skills and responsibilities. In the duties, skills and responsibilities section, you should state major accomplishments, use action verb and specific results.

  • Education: In this section, you need to write the name of the school, city, state, degree and year you graduated.

  • Military: This section is optional but you can also include it on your CV if you believe that it will help you with your application.

  • Skills and abilities: At least list only the special skills and abilities that you have such as foreign languages, clubs, hobbies, interests.

  • References: Available upon request


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There, you now have a good online resume sample 2015-2016 that you can follow when you need to construct a wonderful CV. It is easy to follow and be sure that you list all relevant details relating to what you are applying for. Before you start the creation process from simple CV samples, you should determine the purpose of your document, how you will attract the employer and what you need to include.

Before submitting, make sure you check the document for typos and avoid mentioning negative information in your CV. Stay positive as much as possible and use bullet points in highlighting important information. Believe in yourself. You are able to make an effective CV especially when so many easy CV examples for 2015-2016 are available online for free.

Lastly, never waste your time so start constructing the best resume that stands out today with help of simple resume samples!

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