Mobile Hiring – the New Buzzword of Job Search in 2015-2016 – Need to Know about Mobile Recruiting

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The Rise of Mobile Recruiting

mobile recruitingIt is pretty much accepted that the majority of job searches today now take place online. It has been trending upwards for several years and now it is the exception rather than the rule. However the evolution of job recruitment hasn’t halted with going online. Online methods for job searches are changing. One of the biggest changes is the use of mobile devices by job seekers. According to one survey, over 85 percent of those seeking employment begin their job search using their smartphone. In today’s market, many fields are experiencing a shortage of talent. In order to get the best talent employers and recruiters need to look at how that talent is conducting their job search. If the best qualified job candidates conduct their job search using primarily mobile devices, then employers and recruiters need to adapt to mobile hiring.

45 percent of job seekers use their mobile devices to search for jobs at least once every day. 54 percent read company reviews from employees on their mobiles, while 52 percent research salary information. (According to inc.com)

Getting Ahead of the Game with Mobile Recruiting

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Employers and recruiters who want the best applicants to fill positions have little choice other than to adapt to this trend in mobile recruiting and social media recruiting. If you are of the mind that mobile is a fad and will pass, you may want to consider Google’s last big update. Google is now penalizing websites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices. Sites that are not optimized for mobile will find themselves ranking lower in searches. Mobile is here to stay. There are essentially three areas of job recruitment where changes will need to be made:

  1. Job availability – Candidates for positions you have may not always be actively seeking a new job. However, regardless of whether or not somebody is actively looking for a job, many will still browse the career opportunity sections of company websites or checkout your presence on social media sites. These areas need to be easily browsed using a mobile device.
  2. Application – Ideally, applying for a position on your website should be a one click process that can be accomplished in a minute or so from a mobile device. For every additional click, qualified applicants are lost and many more don’t bother if it requires using a PC to apply.
  3. Follow-up – Scheduling interviews and other follow-up items should be able to be accomplished via SMS, e-mail or some other method that can be accomplished using a mobile device

professional mobile recruiting mobile recruiting mobile hiring
What Mobile Recruiting Means for Job Seekers

mobile hiringAs employers and recruiters shift their recruitment efforts towards mobile recruitment, job hunters will also have to adapt to meet employers half-way. Some changes job candidates may have to make may include:

  • Resume format – Applicants will need a short form of their resume that can be easily scanned and just touches on career highlights. The main idea is to generate interest. Also use a document format that can be easily opened.
  • Online profiles – Develop an online profile that provides all the information an employer will want to know. Although you may gain employers interest with a brief mobile friendly resume 2015-2016, they will still want to know your qualifications and history. Make it easy for them.

It is likely job recruitment will continue to evolve, but expect mobile recruiting to be part of it.

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