Latest Resume Templates to Use in 2015-2016

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What are the latest CV templates for 2015-2016? If you want to apply this year, you may want to change or update your CV so that you can keep up with the trends for new job applications so that you can increase your chances of being hired. Some tips are below for your reference on the proper templates available for the coming year.

What Are the Components of Updated Resume Templates?

To create your updated CV templates or online resume examples for new applications for 2015-2016, you should learn how to make a striking CV that would get the attention of the readers, in particular to the hiring managers. You should know that not many of them have enough time reading all the applications, so have that goal of grabbing their eyes from the start to the finish of your CV. One tip is to make your paper concise and short. Brevity is the key! You should make a one to two pages only of CVs.

  • Full name and complete address
  • Mobile number/home phone number
  • Current and active business email address
  • Objectives or goals in applying
  • Qualifications (After reading the job positing you might have pictured what they are exactly looking for. The goal here is to make them realize you are the perfect candidate for the vacant position)
  • Skills and specialties (In this section, you should write about specific set of skills that make you different from the rest. This will highlight what make you special and unique from the other applicants)
  • Work experience and key accomplishments from that position
  • Education (Include dates and year of graduation)
  • Reference/s

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Usage of Latest Resume Templates 2015-2016

There you have some tips and sample of professional resume to remember when creating a good resume that will make an impression from the potential company employer. Do not miss any of these to ensure that you are doing the right thing for your 2015-2016 job application. Don’t also forget to review your work for potential errors in spelling, structure and grammar that might be the reason for a rejected application. Finally, you can check out more updated CV templates online to compare and study which one could work best for you.

Check latest resume templates and you can make your paper better!

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