Infographic Resume-the Trend Continues to Grow in 2015-2016 With Some Changes

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Using an Infographic Resume

infographic resume A trend that continues to spread in 2015-2016  is the use of infographic resumes by job hunters. In some industries and fields such as advertising and graphic design, the infographic CV is accepted fairly well. Not only does it provide prospective employers with your employment history and educational background,it also serves to represent the type of work you do. However, there are other industries where infographic resumes may not be as accepted. One thing that is helping this type of CV gain traction is that applicants are working to ensure their CV doesn’t just stand out because it uses graphics, but also contains information of substance. Whether or not you use an infographic resume is still somewhat of a judgment call on the applicant’s part. There are advantages and disadvantages that need to be weighed.

infographic resumes

Advantages of  Using an Infographic Resume

There are some definite advantages to being gained from using an infographic resume. Some of the pluses include:

  • Visually appealing – Graphics are more appealing and interesting to look at than a traditional document. You can also personalize your CV using different shapes and colors, even to the point of using the colors of the company to which you are applying.
  • Unique – In a competitive job market an infographic resume can make you stand out from the crowd and be more memorable. This could help you land that interview.
  • Easy to share online – This type of CV is easily shared on social media sites, and its visual appeal makes it a natural for this.
  • Displays information in an easy to understand manner – Information is shown in a way that is easily understood.
  • Takes your social networking in business to a new level 

The ability to make you stand out is a characteristic that all by itself almost makes infographic resumes worthwhile. However, there are some drawbacks to being considered, and standing out is only an advantage if it isn’t for the wrong reasons.

infographic resumes

Disadvantages of the Infographic Resume

Infographic resumes have their detractors and there are some valid reasons for this. Some of the negatives of using an infographic resume include:

    • Some employers just don’t like them – Many employers find infographic resumes to be unprofessional. They may also be viewed as just a gimmick and create a negative impression as opposed to the positive result you had hoped for.
    • Difficult to read – This seems to contradict the advantage of displaying information in an easy to understand way. Many employers who are used to traditional resume formats will be thrown by something so different that what they are used to. Make sure the latest resume format 2016 is suitable for the area you apply.
    • Applicant Tracking System rejection – Companies that use applicant tracking systems may reject infographic resumes.

Ultimately, it depends on the individual who is reading the resume, as to the type of reception it receives. It may be better to use an infographic resume on personal websites, social media profiles, and online portfolios and submit a more traditional resume to employers.

If you are looking for a part-time employment, such a resume will definitely help you get the job!

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