Importance of Value Proposition in the Proper Resume 2016 Format

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You’re an accountant or perhaps a sales manager, but who would actually care? Well, your position or accomplishments may be is not that all-important if you are not going to present them well in your resume. So let’s start with ‘why resume.’

This is perhaps the very reason, the main reason a potential employer would be persuaded to interview you, leading us to the next section.

79 percent of job seekers use social media in their job search. This figure increases to 86 percent of younger job seekers who are in the first 10 years of their careers. (According to inc.com)

Value Proposition Resume

What is it? Well, you probably have an idea on what this is based on its name. So as discussed, value proposition is the strongest reason a hiring manager or a recruiter should call you for an interview, and this is exactly what the why CV can do for you.

What is the most persuasive reason the recruiter would invite you for an interview? Perhaps, it is your unique characteristic or accomplishment that they do not see in other applicants, or perhaps, this is about you offering them that value in terms of performance that no other applicants can do.

Without even saying, use the value proposition CV to show off your unique selling point.

This CV format 2016 is your key to landing your dream job because you will be able to market and eventually sell yourself in your CV without you having been interviewed yet.

So, What Are the Benefits of This Resume Format 2016?

value proposition resumeThis impactful and robust CVe is essential in any job application because it can engage and connect with your target employer by communicating clearly how you are different and better to be spent the time on when looking for new people in their team. Your value proposition will tell them your overall business selling point, which is your unique characteristic that conveys how you are different among the rest of the applicants for the same position.

resume format 2016 why resume  value proposition resume

Why Resume Is More Than a Set of Words

Better connection and engagement—these are what will make you a standout among the other applicants vying for the same spot in the company.

Some things that will prove it are your outstanding accomplishments and awards, trainings and certifications and best assets as a professional in your field. It will help you deliver a compelling message that will captivate their attention, making them interested to learn more about you and your offer to the company.

why resumeBy using a value proposition resume 2016, you are going to validate your overall potential as an applicant. For one, it will give potential employers a direction on why you are the right candidate that they are looking for. It will give them an idea on what to get if they will consider you for the position. It may be your matching goals with theirs as well as your career plans that align to their business plans, too.

To stay up-to-date, do not forget to keep up with the resume 2016 trends.

Create a Focus-Driven Why Resume Today!

Stand out and show them what you offer by creating your CV in the resume format 2016 that will help you deliver your message clearly and leave a strong impression for an increased chance of an interview invitation.

If you want to have an original resume, the tools above can help you. You only need to choose what tool you want to use. Get started now!

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