How to Write in Combination Format Correctly

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There are a few steps in writing combination resume format, it is fairly easy to calculate which thing should deserve a place on that important paper, and it is also a no-brainer that two to three pages could open the doors for the rest of your life. So the main questions in writing your CV are these:

  1. What is supposed to be in it?
  2. Is this generic or am I targeting a certain group?
  3. What type of СМ format should I use?

c combination resume template

The Chronological, Functional and Combination Resume Template

One of the few things you should debate with yourself in writing your document is the format; there are specific formats for different needs and people. It is all about making your work look impressive, these formats highlight performance and past experiences. There are basically three types of formatting,

  1. Roman Chronological Format of Resume
  2. Functional Resume
  3. Combined Resume.

In the combination CV format, the primary focus will be your skills and experiences. The employment background is generally listed in chronological order and the rest of the other contents such as the qualifications, achievements, and highlights of personality are listed in the functional format. There are two parts, hence the name Combination. Combination Resume Templates generally place and highlight your past career as the main part of your CV, so you might find this useful if you have an interesting job background.

Looking into the Combination Resume Format

So, if you are wondering what you should place first, start with the following:

  • Important information about yourself, place your phone number, email address, and if you have one, your fax number, you may want to place other important details too. If there are other employer specifications such as age or civil status you may want to put that under the main heading as well.
  • Your college educational background should be next, this is also part of the personal information, though this is where the chronological part starts, so you may want to state the year attended.
  • Combination CV Templates are generally made to highlight your strengths as a candidate, so the next part of your document should be your past experiences and this should be given chronologically, meaning in order of attendance, so you may want to state the year.

This part generally includes the company name, position and year.

  • This is where the functional part begins. A Combination Resume Template tells you that most of the other things besides those that are attended with year are categorized into this part so this includes your experiences, achievements, enrichment activities and whatever else that you might want to include in your CV.

Are You Ready for Your Combination Resume Templates?

What probably is the most important rule in the making of your resume is your honesty. While you can boast all you want, you shouldn’t falsify information about yourself because companies really do run background checks on people they employ. So, two things: honor and excellence.

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