How to Write a Good Cover Letter 2015-2016

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how to write a good cover letter 2015

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Not many people know how to write a good cover letter 2015-2016 as well as how to apply new resume format 2015-2016 or executive resume format 2015-2016. As a rule, after being trained how to write a cover letter, that is the style people use until they are actually trained to write differently. The problem is that these out of date cover letters are naturally much less competitive than they need to be, and partly responsible for unsuccessful applications.

The new cover letter style in 2015-2016 is very practical and very pragmatic. Cover letters have come a long way from the parrot-like documents of the past.

Actually, the basics on how to write a cover letter 2015-2016 are pretty straightforward –

  • Don’t recycle your resume information in your cover letter. It wastes space, it tells the reader nothing new, and it doesn’t really add anything to your job application.
  • Cover letters are an opportunity to address your strengths. Your cover letter gives you a very useful opportunity to spell out your skills, knowledge, and experience.
  • It’s a good idea to plan your cover letter. Best practice is to start with a basic draft, organizing your information into separate paragraphs, and then editing.
  • Cover letters are basically business letters. The best way to approach your cover letter is to treat the cover letter the same way you would when you’re writing an actual business letter.
  • Consider whether the information you are providing is of value to the reader. How much actual information are you providing, and how much is unnecessary?

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Few words on how to write a good cover letter 2015-2016

Many HR experts say that cover letters are the real difference between resumes. The people applying for the job will have basically the same qualifications although they may have different levels of experience and skill sets. The cover letter, therefore, is the likely difference between these applications, at least to some extent.

One thing is certain – Cover letters are very much undervalued as a way of making job applications stand out from the crowd. One of the other obvious truths about cover letters is that most people simply do not take advantage of the opportunities the cover letters provide.

Most job applicants, in fact, write their applications on auto pilot. They use standardized cover letters, written exactly as they were trained, which may or may not even be read.

You hear a lot about people making hundreds of job applications. You hear very little about people making hundreds of good job applications. As a matter of fact, most people let themselves down very badly when making job applications.

Cover letters are definitely part of the problem. If you can’t write a decent cover letter, your application simply doesn’t distinguish itself from hundreds of other applicants.

So – Take the time to write a good cover letter, focusing on useful information.

how to write a cover letter 2015-2016

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Resume cover letters 2015-2016 dos and don’ts

There are many things you should and shouldn’t do, when writing resume cover letters 2015-2016:

  1. Make sure that your cover letter shows very strong values of the employer. This is an absolute essential, providing your reader with interesting information which supports your application.
  2. Use performance indicators to emphasize your strongest skill sets. This is not only best practice; it’s a practical measure to give your prospective new employer.
  3. When writing your cover letter, and referring to the achievements, or other high-value information, make sure that you can demonstrate your achievements with actual figures. Quantifying achievements is essential to credibility and helps you show your credentials very effectively.
  4. Don’t write a cover letter for the sake of filling up space. Your cover letter can be quite brief, just make sure that you provide useful information which is of value to your reader.
  5. Leave the clichés out of your cover letter. Expressions like “I’m passionate about secondhand furniture” don’t really add very much to your cover letter. Saying that you sell hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of secondhand furniture per month, however, will add something to your cover letter.
  6. Take the time to create a good cover letter which clearly illustrates your skills, experience, and performance. Use an example, or if you like, a series of sales figures to show your skills in this role. This is the easiest way to make your job application stand out.

Right winning cover letters 2015-2016 presentation

Good presentation is very much part of the job application process. Successful job applicants always present themselves, their resumes and their cover letters very well indeed. It’s no coincidence. The truth is that employers do have to base their decisions on the presentation of job candidates.

The best way to make sure that you write winning cover letters 2015-2016 is to read the cover letter back to yourself as if you were an employer.

Ask yourself:

  1. What is this letter telling me about this applicant?
  2. Is this letter giving me the information I need to see?
  3. Does this letter convince me that this is a good job applicant?
  4. Does this applicant look better than the others?

Point 4 may seem a bit unfair as a question to ask yourself, but it’s not.

Consider your own achievements:

  • Would you say that these achievements were unusual or above average?
  • Are your achievements likely to look better than most other applicants?
  • Are these achievements one of the reasons you feel more confident going for this job?

You can see why making quantifiable value statements on your cover letter is such a good idea. You can actually define your skills in a meaningful way for the prospective new employer.

The same applies to the rest of your cover letter. If you can show a very strong track record in client relations management, for example, documented by the standard business performance indicators, your CRM information is a major advantage for your job application.

That, folks, is what writing a cover letter in 2015-2016 is all about. It is your personal marketing message, delivered to the employer with your job application. Write a good cover letter, and your chances of getting a job interview will dramatically improve.

Do not hesitate and proceed with searching for how to write a good cover letter 2015-2016!

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