How to Make a Good Resume 2015-2016

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Functional resumes are very effective. These resumes are very flexible, easy to adapt to any type of job, easy to edit, and really do deliver a lot of useful information about your skills and experience.

Functional CVs are all-purpose resumes. This type of CV is a reliable, foot in the door type of resume, and if you’re looking for a new look and a new resume style, you should check it out in detail.

how to make a good resume 2015 how-to-make-a-great-resume-2015-2016

How to write a resume in 2015-2016

The easy part about functional resumes is that they almost write themselves, in some ways.

If you check out functional resume formats, you’ll see that the CVs are formatted largely according to information requirements. Most functional resume formats are essentially sections defining information, targeting job essential criteria. Simple? Very. Effective? Yes.

If you need a more complex professional functional CV, optional formats include “designer” space management. This isn’t quite as self-indulgent as it sounds – Some resumes really do have a lot of information to deliver, and these more demanding formats do that very well.

For example, an IT expert may require a structured CV format, as follows:

  • One section for a large range of programming skills, languages, and Java.
  • Help desk skills, and miscellaneous specific skills, the sort of work IT people do that only other IT pros and employers recognize.
  • Special sections for licenses, platforms, professional certifications, and related information.

You can see why a functional CV format is a much better option for people who need to really showcase their skills in the limited space of a resume. It’s a practical solution, and this format is also a lot easier to read.

This format also makes it easy for addressing the really crucial job criteria. For an executive resume, for example, the quality of information is a major competitive issue for both applicants and employers:

  • Executive CVs need to include performance-related information. The type of information is strongly related to required skills, but requires quantification as well as purely functional information.
  • In executive resumes, the resume is transformed in to a working, effective professional profile. This profile shows skills, demonstrates performance, and spells out the applicant’s credentials very efficiently.
  • By building in achievements, there are more presentation choices, too, you can use graphs, figures, or simple statements describing performance.

The functional resume format is definitely a very good option for an all-purpose resume for any type of job. This is a good resume choice for a highly competitive environment. Check the available examples and templates and learn more on how to make a good resume 2015-2016.


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Upgrading your resume to a functional format

If you’re deciding how you want to make a great resume in 2015-2016, study the functional resume format options and examples. You’ll find several which are well suited to your needs.

Most importantly – Consider your formatting options for delivering all your information. You’ll notice that some formats allow you a lot of space for your personal introduction, special spaces for skills, and similar convenient format options.

OK, now, to make your great resume 2015-2016 – What really looks good to you about functional resume format options? Do you see something that is an obvious improvement on your existing resume, for example? Do you see something you’d really love to include on your own resume?

That’s the beauty of functional resume formats – You have so many more options. If you want to use color, standout information, a logo, for example, it’s easy. You can experiment with new resume ideas, new presentation, and create a resume that’s a lot more confidence-inspiring.

Choose your options, consider alternatives

How to write a resume in 2015-2016 – the first step is to start by exploring functional resume formats. Look at images, not just information about these resumes. You’ll see great resumes, so-so resumes, and you’ll see really outstanding, up to the second, top quality resumes.

So –

  • Check out the resumes you like- Why do you like them?
  • Do you think you like them because they really do deliver what you want your resume to deliver?
  • Which is your idea of a functional resume that really says what you want it to say?
  • Now- The really tricky question: Which is the one you’d use to get the job you’ve always wanted?

How to write a resume 2015-2016 from scratch

As a matter of fact, writing your dream resume is pretty easy, but you do have to focus on your information quality, presentation, and content and feel self-confident on how to write a resume 2015-2016.

Starting your fabulous new 2015-2016 resume from the beginning:

  • Do the easy, straightforward entries first. Complete the basics, like work history, qualifications, and all the absolutely simple entries first.
  • This is where it really gets interesting – What would you like to add? You’ve done the hard work; the rest is information which is all about making you look good. How about your skills, achievements, and professional credentials like awards? Would you like to use colored text boxes, graphic inserts, graphics, or photos?
  • When experimenting- Do a draft first! It’s easy to make mistakes, or do something and then find another option you think is better. Learn how to edit your functional resume, and you’ll be able to tailor it for any job application.

Presentation, presentation, presentation!

Presentation does matter, a lot as you still wondering how to make a resume 2015-2016. You may be great at what you do, but you also need to look great.

  • Using color – You obviously want a professional, classy, businesslike color scheme. A good color scheme really does look good, and adds to your resume features like text boxes, graphics, etc.
  • Headers and sections– Keep your sections clear and well labelled. You want your readers to be able to find all the information they need, easily.
  • Sidebars – These very useful parts of your document are great for creating a list of your skills and additional information without cluttering up your other sections.
  • Graphics – Graphics are great for a combination of good information and presentation values. Match and contrast your resume color scheme with your graphics, and you’ll create a very good looking resume.

OK- You now know how to make a good resume 2015-2016. Have fun!

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