How to Determine What Are Your Core Competencies for Resume

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If you’re invested in your own field, then a certain level of knowledge is needed to run a group, a business or whatever it is that you are part of. There are certain levels of competence for various jobs, as an example; if you are in the field of Psychology then your main field could be Behavioral or Anthropological. The same method goes with the identification of your core competencies for resume.

core competencies for resume

What are Core Competencies for Resumes?

When you are invested in a certain field, there are certain degrees of knowledge and expertise that are acquired in the process; after all, you can’t be good at everything. Your core competency is the main trait that you have that fends you off when applying for a certain job. Your core competency is determined by:

  1. Your educational background
  2. Your past work experiences
  3. Out-school or out-office activities over a certain topic
  4. Trainings
  5. Achievements.

So whatever it is that you find common in those 5 things could be qualified as your core competency. It means that you are well versed and knowledgeable in this area, which is, of course, a definite asset.

core competencies

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What to Put as Core Competency on Resume

If you are reading this, then you might still be confused in what to put as your core competency, resumes generally highlight your strengths as an employee and your core competency lifts you’re higher by having a specific area of expertise. This is very different from the highlights of qualification, because of the highlight of qualification, well, is a generalization of what a person can do in his or her job whilst a core competency for resume is an area of concentration that goes beyond the generalization of a qualification. Yes, you may be qualified but you don’t have a certain area of concentration.

Your Core Competencies for Resume: How to Write It

Okay, so you have now chosen what path you most excelled in, now your problem is how you should write down. If you write down your core competency for resume work, then you must write it down in full concise detail, so this works best with the functional resume format. Make sure that you place concepts and highlights that mad you choose this path of specialization. Consider past jobs or educational background forms. Explain what you have done to advance yourself in the field and explain what you have done to advance the field.

When looking to write, you must always assert past experiences as part of your resume. So if there are other enforcing powers that made you land in that field then put it. But make sure that it is relevant. A core competency or a resume is not a personal statement, though it contains a level of ‘personal’ in it, it is no place to tell stories or to lengthen. Make it as short as possible but you have to make sure that you have captured the essence of your expertise.

Study your options well and consider planning what to include in your core competency resume today!

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