How to Create a Perfect Federal Resume Format 2015-2016

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The 2015-2016 Federal new resume format 2015-2016 is pretty straightforward. If this is the first time you’ve done one of these resumes, check out the formatting. You’ll discover that although there is quite a lot more information required than on a private sector resume, it’s a really good resume format, something you can even adapt to use when creating your own resume.

federal resume format 2015  federal-resume-template-2015-2016

The essentials:

  1. The Federal resume format 2015-2016 requires more information.
  2. Each federal agency has its own requirements and guidelines related to its resume. Look for special requirements, and be sure to read the agency guidelines before attempting to complete the resume.
  3. Some information from your private sector resume can be used on a Federal resume, work history, for example. Make sure you’re providing the information required.

Basics – reading and understanding the federal resume format 2015-2016

We thought it’d be a good idea to run through the information in top resume formats 2015-2016  and give you some tips to avoid making mistakes:

  • Do not attempt to simply “migrate” your private sector resume to a Federal resume format.
  • Federal government job applications need more information. You need to check every section of the Federal resume format for the information requirements.
  • Be patient when reading the Federal resume requirements, particularly if you’re doing a Federal resume for the first time.
  • If you don’t understand any of the information requirements, ask.

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Federal resume template 2015-2016 – things you must know

If you check out Federal resume template 2015-2016 online, you’ll notice that in some ways they resemble functional resumes. This is particularly obvious with the KSAs (Knowledge Skills and Abilities) section.

There are a few things you need to think about here:

  • Take the time to ensure that you’re really listing all your KSAs. Strangely, most people actually leave out key skills and abilities, even things they do every day.
  • You might be able to use some information from your private sector resume, but don’t bet on it. The fact is that while the skills from your functional resume are quite likely to be very useful on a Federal resume, you need to provide more details for Federal resumes.
  • Skills descriptions on Federal resumes come with some caveats. The rules are that you must have either qualifications in a particular skill/ skill set, and/or 1 year experience in that role to be able to include that skill in your Federal resume.
  • Federal resume formats require all information related to statutory licenses, or other certifications to be listed exactly as issues.

Federal government information quality management

When writing a Federal government resume, be systematic. Write your resume one section at a time:

  • Always cite reference numbers and the job title related to your application.
  • Be careful when completing the KSAs (see below). You need to be sure that your KSAs are a good match with both the job description and your work history. Don’t say you have a KSA with nothing on your work history to support your claim, for example.
  • You need to write a “targeted” resume to directly address all the requirements of the Federal job.
  • Use the traditional academic format when listing your degrees or other qualifications, i.e., “Master of Arts, (Hons) ABCDE College, MA 2010”.
  • Technology skills must be listed. This requirement usually results in people making some mistakes and leaving out technological skills like database management, etc. Just be thorough when completing this section.
  • You must provide three employer references on a Federal resume. And you may check how to do such thing from latest federal resume example 2015-2016.
  • Be sure to check out the information provided by the agency for any special information, certification, checks or other requirements related to the job application.

KSAs and federal government resumes

KSAs are a crucial element in Federal job applications, and you need to pay close attention to the information requirements:

  • Be methodical and check for the specific KSA requirements of the position. This is a very basic issue, and most people trip over the KSA requirements because they do not understand what’s required.
  • Use the position description as a guide, but also be aware of the natural requirements of the position. KSAs relate directly to Federal competency standards and are covered by regulations.
  • Take advantage of your KSAs. If you have high level skills, knowledge and abilities, spell out your areas of expertise.


Government job application keywords:

  • Critical keywords are shown in the job advertisement and position description. They’re pretty obvious, relating to required skills, especially KSAs, which include a lot of the most important keywords.
  • Check out agency information regarding terminology. This can be confusing. Some agencies say “don’t use the same terminology as the job application”, while others suggest that you should use the same terminology. The bottom line, either way, is showing that you have the required core skills.

Resume information quality

Above all – make sure that your resume is easy to read, look out for typos, and be sure to check your information in each section before submitting. This extra check is always worthwhile and it helps to know you’ve fixed any errors when you lodge your application.

Need a hand with your federal resume?

Most people have trouble with their first application simply because the Federal resume format is so different. Even people who are experts in their own fields make basic mistakes.

If you’re having a hard time with your Federal resume format, get some professional assistance. Expert help can save you a lot of time and trouble, as well as avoid the risk of making mistakes. Professional writers can help with organizing your information and assembling your resume information to meet Federal format requirements.

If your resume is complex, you’re strongly advised to get professional assistance, particularly if this is your first Federal job application. In addition to getting a lot of useful help, your application will definitely have much more chance of being successful.

 Check federal resume format 2015-2016 and you can be satisfied with your result!

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