How to Apply Freshers Resume Format 2015-2016

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freshers resume format 2015

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If you’ve been wondering how you’re going to manage a freshers resume format 2015-2016, writing a fresher resume is actually easier than it looks

Fresher format issues

The latest and new resume format 2015-2016 for freshers is pretty easy to understand:

  • A resume isn’t a “go through the motions” exercise. The resume must deliver good, useful information to your readers.
  • Whatever job you’re applying for, you need to tailor your resume to the essential criteria of the job. This can be a laborious process, but be patient and make sure you tick all the boxes on the employer’s checklist.
  • Resumes must be modified for different jobs. Although the basic information on your resume will remain the same, you may need to focus more on one skill set rather than another, for example.
  • Your resume should show clear relevance to the employer’s business. The simple fact is that you need to look like a person who is obviously in the same stream as the business. You look like a good fit, in fact, and that’s how you need to write your resume.
  • Don’t simply try to fill in space with extra information. More is usually not better. Resumes don’t have to be long; they simply have to be useful.

latest resume format 2015-2016 for freshers  latest resume format for freshers 2015-2016

Formatting a 2015-2016 fresher resume

Your fresher professional resume format 2015-2016 really does matter:

  • Make sure that your resume is easy to read and that all the information required is easy to find.
  • Create sections in your resume to split up the resume into easily identifiable subject areas. This also helps the reader to match your information against job criteria.
  • Use a straightforward but good-looking basic format. A professional color scheme and good magazine-style inserts always look great.
  • Don’t be too miserly with your space. You really do need to have enough space to put in your information, and you have two pages to work with, including page borders where you can insert additional information.
  • Don’t use microscopic fonts, either. Stick to preferably 12 point font using a standard font like Arial.
first job guidanance

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Your freshers resume format 2015-2016

A good basic fresher resume layout is pretty straightforward:

  • Personal and contact information- Large font, preferably bold title, or header size.
  • Personal profile – This is essentially a summary of who you are and what you do, including your career goals.
  • Objectives – Objectives are not actually 100% necessary, although many experts say that they are very valuable for fresher resumes. Objectives do not contain essential resume information, however, and that sort of information may be addressed in a personal profile
  • Qualifications- List your qualifications in all, including information regarding the issuing institution and date of issue.
  • Software and technology skills – Believe it or not some people really don’t understand how important this section is. Put it this way – if you don’t know whether or not somebody can handle a spreadsheet, would you hire them for a job which is all about handling spreadsheets?
  • Relevant work experience- Your work experience should be described clearly as functional work in a business context. Internships, for example, are excellent work experience. Make sure that you cover the employer’s essential criteria in this section.
  • Achievements, awards, and other honors – Academic achievements, community awards, and other acknowledgments of your skills at a significant value to your resume. Don’t leave them out.

Fresher resume information quality and the job market

In the past, an entry-level resume wasn’t expected to be a major epic production. In a current job market, however, entry level is one of the most competitive of all sectors of the job market and search for latest resume format for freshers 2015-2016 on the Internet will be right step forward your desire job. The more competitive you are the better. That means that your resume needs to be as good as you can get it.


  • Your resume is a major asset and competitive advantage, provided you do it properly.
  • Employers need to see clear values in the information you provide.
  • A good resume is all business. You’re explaining your skills and credentials to an employer.

Fresher resumes major Don’ts

When looking at a new resume for freshers, the big deal is, “Does this tell the employer what they need to know?” There are some major don’ts when writing a fresher resume.

The most important Don’ts are:

  • Drab presentation- Uninspired-looking resumes can look absolutely anonymous. Even with a heading in your name on them, you have to look twice to even realize that these things are resumes.
  • Crammed layout- A bad, crammed-together layout really does make it difficult for the reader, even if you’ve put together a great resume. Readability is extremely important.
  • “Checklist” resumes- These are basically “parrot” resumes, providing all the checklist information, but also not providing any real stand out information. This type of resume tends to underperform drastically against real competition.

Resume format 2015-2016 for freshers options

Believe it or not, creating a fresher resume can be fun especially when you work side-by-side with resume format 2015-2016 for freshers template. Being creative can not only deliver a standout resume, it can show you many options for presenting your resume information very effectively. It’s well worth experimenting with formatting options will stop

If you use a functional resume format, that is, a skills-oriented format, with sidebars, text boxes, and your choice of graphics, you can create a very good looking document by checking new resume format for freshers 2015-2016. Colored text boxes are very useful and at an excellent way of highlighting achievements, awards, or other useful information for your reader.

Managing skill sets required by the employer

Core skills are very important, and it’s worth taking a little time here to describe in a bit more detail what’s involved in illustrating your skills. For example, if you are using Cloud technology, you’re likely to be using a range of software. This software will naturally form part of the range of skill sets the employer needs.

To list your skill sets, you would provide a list like this –

Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator

Computer languages

  • C++
  • Visual Basic
  • Java

Quality does matter

The quick way of turning a fresher resume into a disaster is to send in something which looks like it was done at the last minute, and actually was done at the last minute or moreover, simply cheated from the latest resume format 2015-2016 for freshers available online. Take your time to go through the entire resume, polish it, add better information, and remove unnecessary information.

Happy with your resume and it’s looking good? Can’t see any faults? It’s ready to submit. Try freshers resume format 2015-2016 and you can be satisfied with your result!

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