What Does The Latest Resume Format 2015-2016 Look Like?

The latest resume format is a highly evolved version of the functional resume, with some additions.

The bottom line – resume format 2015-2016 rule

The new functional resume formats are really very versatile. The big deal about functional resumes, and one of the main reasons for their popularity, is that they’re the easiest to write and also to read resumes. They can be customized easily, and adapted to different job applications very easily, too.

The 2015-2016 versions of these resumes are highly adaptable. They’re also extremely efficient, particularly in comparison with other types of resumes.  In a page or two, they deliver far more information than other types of resumes. They’re now the default best practice option for any type of job application.

It’s no mystery why they’re considered the best, either:

  • Clear layouts and formatting – Good resumes are reader-friendly. These 2015-2016 resume formats are simple, straightforward, and each section delivers value to readers.
  • Information management – The latest resume format makes editing easier and allow a lot more focus on simple lists and other space-saving options. You can do more with a functional resume, and that’s the big advantage of this type of resume.
  • Adapting resumes to different jobs – It’s a lot easier to rewrite a functional resume than any other kind, and that’s particularly the case with targeted resumes. These resumes require a lot of adaption, so the better the formatting, the better the layout, the better the targeting will naturally be.
  • Using graphics – Top of the line resumes tend to use a lot of graphic features, from graphs to professional color schemes and more. Functional resumes are particularly good in terms of ease to use graphics and space management.
  • Skills sections – The skills section in any resume is a high value, “must do” part of the resume, and it’s also one of the first areas checked in both computerized and manual screening. Functional resumes have pioneered the evolution of the skills section as a major asset for job applicants.
  • The other resumes – Combination resumes: Combination resumes are a hybrid form of functional resumes. They use layout and content from functional resumes, but include a lot of the old standard resume formats too, combined with targeted achievements content, etc.

Upgrading your resume in 2015-2016?

If you’re upgrading your resume format 2015-2016, consider these options and check out the possibilities for creating a fabulous new resume that’s exactly what you want.

In particular:

  • Examine and explore the new skills formatting options. A good skills section is always a major plus, and a must for getting an interview. See what can be done with the new resume examples 2015-2016 of layouts and formatting
  • More space, more value, more opportunities. The usual story with a resume that isn’t successful is that the space management is an issue. See how the experts put together a combination of high value information and great space management. You’ll be astonished.
  • Presentation values. Good presentation isn’t superficial. It applies to content, as well. See how you can improve your presentation as well as your resume 2015-2016.