High School Resume Sample for 2015-2016

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High school students have difficulties in creating resumes because they just write what’s needed and they don’t consider some factors whether it is targeted or it is well designed. A document must be crafted thoroughly and when you don’t know where to begin since it is your first time, it is not bad to check out high school resume sample, student resume samples or even accounting job resume sample on the web.

high school resume sample 2015 resume samples for high school students

Resume samples for High School Students 2015-2016

  • Full name

  • Address

  • Contact number

  • Email address

  • Objective

  • Education

  • Special skills and interests

  • Volunteer and community service

  • Goals

Since you are only a high school student, the presented information must be included in your document. It does not need other details but if you want to add more, feel free to do it as long as it will help you and well-written resume samples for high school students the first thing to consider. Avoid presenting details that are useless and will only get the space of your CV. As much as possible, focus only on the relevant ones so that

high school resume format

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Additionally, high school students do not have many jobs so it is important to be focused on skills, personality, character and others. This means that you need to present information to school activities, athletic and volunteer work. You also need to make an outline for the possible experience you need to include in your resume. Apart from this, it is necessary to use active language especially when you are describing your experiences. You need to start writing your experiences with action verbs such as calculated, served, tutored, trained or researched.

Before submitting, you need to review your CV and check if there are no mistakes. You need to ensure there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes so that it will look great. You can ask your parents, teacher or guidance counselor to proofread your CV and give feedback. Lastly, it is hard to make resume at first but when you know what you will consider; you do not need to worry. Just make sure you will include contact information, your objective, education, special interest and goals. These things are essential to be included in your resume.

Get started today using high school resume sample!

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