Great Artist Resume Example in 2015-2016

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artist resume example 2015

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A resume is an overview of your artistic professional history as well as achievements. It contains different elements that are related to your professional practice. One of the mistakes that individuals make in their documents is that they oversell their work.

Artist Resume Tips 2015-2016

Personal details: You need to keep it simple because your CV is your reference. You can include your contact details, email address, and mailing address. You need to include your website that related to artistic practice.

Education: If you check out artist CV samples 2015-2016 or high school resume sample, you will know that education section is necessary that is why you should include it in your document. Make sure to list down about the field including the school, the year that you graduated and your degree.

  • University of Washington, Master of Fine Arts, 2010

  • University of British Columbia, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2006

Exhibitions: You need to begin it with the most recent. In listing your exhibitions, you need to list it in a good format. Check this artist resume example 2015-2016.

  • 2012 Title of Show, Museum of Wonderful Art, Washington

  • 2011 This is it, Galerie Espace, Montreal

When you have a large number of exhibitions, you need to split them by categories such as solo exhibitions, duo exhibitions or group exhibitions. This will help you in having a clear and good flow of information.

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Bibliography: In this section, it is important that you include articles in which your art appeared. If you have articles, you need to include the author, publication, title, page number, publication date and volume.

  • Reyes, John: “ Why I Love That Artwork”, Mexican Magazine, vol. 13, January 2012, p. 65-70

If your work art appeared on cover publication, use the right format as well as the right format for books and much more.

Collections: In this section, it is the list of public institutions that own your works. It could be corporate collections, museums, agencies or even municipalities. They must be listed under heading collections.

  • The Washington Art Gallery

  • Court Collection

  • Vancouver Council Art Bank

There is still some information you need to include which include curatorial projects, awards, grants, and residencies. To know more information, you can check out art resume samples 2015-2016 and resume samples for college students on the web or follow the presented tips above.

Don’t waste your time, use artist resume example and you can have a lot of benefits from here!

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