Excellent Manager Resume Samples 2015-2016

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A resume is an important document that needs to be polished when applying for a job. It is important to meet the latest trend in creating the best CV for 2015-2016. When you need to craft CV but you don’t know what you should do, read this.

manager resume samples 2015  senior management resume samples

2015-2016 Tips in Creating Manager Resume

  • Simple: When you search for excellent CV samples or nurse resume sample, you will know that it looks simple and that is one of your keys. A document must need to be simple, not more than 2 pages and easy to read. It is important that the content is on a high level.

  • Layout, font, and other effects: Avoid using fancy layout, font and other effects. You need to stick with a traditional font that is the Times New Roman. You need to use nine to twelve font size and white paper.

  • Chronological order: In listing about your job, you need to list the most recent one and then go backward. You should state the name of the company, what is their focus and years how long you worked in the company.

  • Get rid of summary and objectives: You need to get rid of summary, objectives, and other silly stuff. Your employer doesn’t care about the objectives because he cares more about how you able to present information and how you make yourself stand out.

  • Skip personal information: There is personal information you need to skip like married with 2 kids.

  • Keywords: If you look for manager CV samples 2015-2016 or any other perfect resume template, you will see that there are keywords they put and you should do it also. You need to include phrases or keywords like customer-oriented, creative and communication skills.


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In a document, important information must only be included and you should see to it that you know what you are doing. If you don’t have ideas on what you need to do, checking out senior management CV samples 2015-2016 would be a nice decision. The samples will help you to decide what details, format, and others you might want to use in creating your document. If you still have lots of time, begin to search now to know more resources.

With help of manager resume samples, you can be sure in your power and can get success more quickly and with minimum effort!

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