Evolution of Social Media Recruiting- Facts to Be Aware in 2015-2016

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Employers use of social media recruiting is growing

Social media has been one of the tools employers and those looking for employment have used for several years and is nothing new. What is new is the fact that SM recruiting is expanding, and the way recruiting is done through social media is changing. Over 90 percent of employers now use social media in some way when they are looking for prospective employees. To give your social media profile search the best chance for success, you need to be aware of the different trends in job search methods and resumes.

Social media recruiting methods are changing

The use of social media in recruiting employees is becoming more and more prevalent in every industry. Not only that, companies’ SM recruiting strategy is also changing. Some facts you should be aware of regarding changes in social media recruiting include:

  • Mobile devices in recruiting – The use of mobile devices and job hunting on the run is becoming fairly well accepted. Over 3 billion people worldwide have access to the internet via some kind of mobile device and over 1.7 billion people have active SM accounts. Job platforms are optimizing their sites for mobile and the majority of job seekers under 45 consider texting to be a professional means of communication.
  • Referrals through networking – Recruiters surveyed say that the majority of their best job candidates come through referrals. Many job hunters find positions through networking on social media sites need to be filled and are landing positions that aren’t advertised or posted on job boards.
  • Applicant screening through social media – Companies are using SM sites as a way to screen applicants. A person may not represent themselves the same way on Facebook as they do on LinkedIn. Employers are looking at more than just the social media site you contacted them through, or they learned about you from, to get an idea about your suitability for a position. A study has shown that a person’s “Likes” on Facebook are a more accurate reflection of them than their profile, something to keep in mind before clicking that button.
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Adapting to social media recruiting changes

Job seekers need to be aware of changes in SM recruiting by employers and react accordingly. What can you do to evolve along with the strategies being used by employers:

  • Build up your online resume 2015-2016 – Flesh out your LinkedIn profile and make sure it is complete and updated. Take advantage of the options they provide and work on keeping your SM profiles consistent.
  • Target companies and positions – Rather than focusing only on yourself focus on the needs and requirements of companies and the positions they need to be filled.
  • Don’t turn your nose up at part time work – More companies are looking at freelancers and part-time workers to fill some positions. Consider some part-time work in your field if you are having trouble landing the full-time position you want.

Failure to adjust to trends in employee recruitment could doom your job hunt, or at the very least, lessen the chances of you landing the position you want.

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