Chronological Resume to Impress Any HR

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Chronological Resume

When applying for a job, you may want to think what you world put in your resume over. If you want to impress the human resource department of that company then you should definitely plan out your CV rather than just writing it down on one sitting and submitting the next day.

There are many things available at your disposal in terms of writing an excellent CV and one of the most viable and arguably most effective ways of writing it is in the form of a chronological resume.

chronological resume example chronological resume examples

What Does a Chronological Resume Have in Terms of Content?

Well, there are lots of Chronological resume examples available to be read all over the internet, but basically, it contains the most important aspects of your education, which you are and your career. Sure, all resumes have this, but a chronological resume neatly divides all these components into sub-categories that make it easier to read through and canvass.

chronological resume tips

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The Chronological Resume Example, as It Is

The great thing about a chronological CV is that it summarizes your background completely and concisely. If you are at an entry level job, then all your useful information should fit on one page.

Here are things you should put on your chronological resume:

  • Your personal and contact data on top

Name M. Name

555-555-555 II namemname@webaddress.com II fax: 555-555

Put in things that you think the HR people might be needing if and when you get hired.

  • Following this would be your educational background. Since you are probably applying for an entry level position, then place your formative educational studies in this area. Although it may be allowed, it is preferable that you don’t place pre-school things in there. Here is a Chronological Resume Example in that particular field.


2010-2013 Masters of Arts in Journalism; College of University

2006-2010 College of University, Area; Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

2002-2006 Valedictorian; School of School.

  • Place your career background next, if there are any, but if your space is still blank you may want to put in your volunteer experience, extra-curricular activities, training or seminars that you think may be related to the field that you are going into. Chronological resume examples such as this may be altered in content or arrangement to fit your needs:

Experience and Achievements:

Elected club president for X consecutive years

[Explain what you have done in those X years, what changes or projects you pushed. Sell yourself]

Seminar on Writing ON the Field

(Explain what happened, what your part was in the event, what merits your garnered)

  • The next part is your miscellaneous part, you may place your skills, activities or interest in this area. And if you have them, you may want to place affiliations as well, but don’t make it too lengthy,3 to 5 items might work, this chronological resume example may help you in trying to figure out what to write:


  • Current Journalism Club Out-school adviser

  • National competitor in Youth Random Games

  • Certified reflexologist.


In writing your CV, remember that it is important that you be honest and at the same time concise. Remember, long documents are taxing and it is always best to make it short, sweet and memorable.

Also, don’t forget the changing tendencies in resume writing, so you might want to check out the 2015-2016 resume format

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