Best Advice On How Your LinkedIn Profile Should Look In 2015-2016

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linkedIn profileWhy You Should Focus on Your LinkedIn Profile

When you are looking around for job search advice, one thing you are likely to read over and over again is build a strong LinkedIn profile. Why LinkedIn? Facebook has a lot more users and more people conduct job searches on Facebook. True on both counts. However, LinkedIn is devoted exclusively to business networking and is the world’s largest online professional network. It is also the network most preferred by employers. There is no doubt that Facebook is influential, and after LinkedIn, either Facebook or Twitter should be among the social media platforms you use. When you network on LinkedIn, you know that every other person there is focused on their professional career, which can’t always be said for Facebook.

Adding a professional photo to your profile makes you 14 times more likely to be found on Linkedln. (According to expandedramblings.com)

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What Should Your LinkedIn Profile Look Like

linkedIn profileEssentially your LinkedIn profile is a supercharged version of your resume 2015-2016. Your resume will serve as a framework for your profile, but only the bare bones. Your LinkedIn profile has the potential to be much more than an online copy of your resume. When somebody looks at your LinkedIn profile what should they see? The following are some of the things that anybody should be able to view in a good LinkedIn profile:

  • A complete profile – Make the effort to complete your entire LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn guides you through the process and will tell you how complete your profile is as you work on it. It will also make suggestions to help you improve your profile.
  • Include a good photo – LinkedIn automatically places profiles that use the default avatar instead of a picture at the bottom of search results. Employers and recruiters want to see a face.
  • Effective use of summary space – Some people discount the summary portion and may only write a sentence or two. Write a summary that is three to five paragraphs and tells people something about you. A job search is more than just a list of previous positions and education.
  • Let people know about your achievements – Employers and recruiters are looking for high achievers. Let them know what you have accomplished. Think about resume critique.

Some LinkedIn Profile Tips

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The following are some more bits of LinkedIn profile advice you can put to good use:

  • Quantify achievements – Don’t say you increased profits. You increased profits by 150 thousand dollars or 16 percent. You don’t have to put a number to everything but a few impressive statistics never hurt.
  • Use multimedia in your summary – LinkedIn allows you to add photos, slideshows and video to your profile summary so you can showcase some of your projects.
  • Don’t use buzzwords like creative and effective- Why not? Everybody else does. Show you are creative by coming up with something everybody else doesn’t use.

A final bit of advice is to familiarize yourself with all the options LinkedIn offers. Used correctly your LinkedIn profile is one of the most powerful job search tools you have. If you want to stay up-to-date, keep up with the best career trends 2015-2016.

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