10 Places, Where to Submit Resume in 2016, Aside from Job Boards

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If you are a job seeker, you need to win the game that is why it is essential that you maximize your chances to be found by the employer. There are ten places where to submit a resume that help you in getting the job you want.

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Ten Places Where to Submit Resume

  1. Indeed: You can see this biggest CV database online. It is a place where you can upload a resume for the job. For recruiters, it is free to search and they are paying a dollar to email you.
  2. LinkedIn: Numerous recruiters are using LinkedIn and you can do so. You can submit your resume on this site and see how it helps you to connect with recruiters.
  3. CareerBuilder: This is one of the popular sites where to post the document. You can add your CV in here without the need to know more about technology.
  4. Monster: They have a wide variety of samples that will help you.
  5. Dice: If you’re a techie, this site is perfect for you. There are many recruiters that are searching the site every day
  6. ZipRecruiter: This is one of the new players in the industry. This is a CV site database and it is growing recruiting sites on the internet.
  7. Beyond: This site is operating hundreds of job sites and they have a large collection of CV available for recruiters.
  8. Ladders: In this site, it allows you to post resume 2016 free.
  9. Local job boards: It gives you the chance to seek for popular local sites such as Craigslist.
  10. Niche job boards: Each industry has numerous job boards that you can use. If you are looking for marketing, then you can check out for marketing sites like marketingjobs.com or talentzoo.com.
  11. Youtube: Videos are another trend nowadays you can make use of. To get inspired, have a look at our video resume examples and tips.
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Tips to Know in Writing Resume

  • Breakaway text: You need to create a visually engaging CV that will get the interest of the readers. You need to give them short information that is easy to remember. It is advisable to create breakaway or call out box text.
  • Value proposition: You need to communicate the value proposition to your reader. The value proposition is your chance why should the employer, hiring manager or recruiter hire you.
  • Keyword stuffing: You should avoid too much keyword stuffing. If you are applying online, you need to include such keywords in order for your CV to be searchable, but you should avoid including too many keywords because it is not good to read.
  • Networking resume: For your document to be great, you need to give a quick snapshot of your value proposition and accomplishments. You need to provide visually engaging and short details about yourself.
  • Visual engagement: Make sure that your document is good. The layout should be perfect like the graphics or color that you want to add. Your CV should have something to appeal to the recruiters.

There you have the essential information you must know.

Knowing some places where to submit resume is necessary so that you have a higher chance of submitting your resume to not just one place.

Submit your resume today!

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